Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fountain + Mobile behind LSE

Alexis Mercado + JP Erkelens (Lint Folk)

"When we moved into our Miami apartment in July 2009 and used the dryer for the first time, we found it extremely difficult to open the lint filter. With the force of four hands, we were finally able to pry it out and THIS is what we found! A geological site fossilizing the lint of t-shirts and jeans from what must have been an entire year's worth of laundry! We couldn't believe that the dryer didn't catch fire. We saved the lint in our closet for awhile, but we thought it would be better appreciated on display at Lightnin' Salvage." -Alexis Mercado + JP Erkelens

The Lint

Lint Strata


If you are not donating your dryer lint to Lightnin' Salvage you might want to consider these suggestions:
1. click here.
2. here
3. or here.

Cake Toppers (From our own collection)

Cake Toppers

Foot Baller + Ghost

Fisher Boy Cake Topper

Hobo Ghost

Native American Cake Toppers

Foot Ballers

Basket Ballers

Pirate Cake Toppers


Fountain + Mobile